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After work all tool in a special sheath surely is handed over in the tool. For the noise reduction influencing boners and trimmers on workplaces on the noisy equipment (circular saws, lentochna saws, install screens.

The pulpy fabric located on a tibial bone is cut at first with internal, and then from the outer side of a bone separated, cutting an Achilles sinew. The remained femoral and tibial bones are removed from a roller, without dividing. The separated meat and bones dump in accumulative capacities for further processing. After a boning of a bone use for receiving fat, gelatin, glue and a fodder flour, and send meat to a zhilovka.

One of the major tasks facing employees of the meat industry is further improvement of quality of production and its nutrition value, fuller use of raw materials and various proteinaceous additives. For implementation of this task it is necessary to improve constantly all technological processes and to give them in the rational and optimum modes, constantly controlling quality of raw materials and finished goods at all stages of technical processing. The most important indications characterizing quality of production are humidity and fat content, activity of water, density, a product consistence at a certain temperature, etc.

One of consequences of scientific and technical and social progress having crucial importance for the considered problem is sharp decrease in energy consumption at bulk of the population, both in the sphere of a social production, and in the sphere of a house social production, and in the sphere of a household and life. For the last decades owing to mechanization and automation of work, reduction of duration of the working day and working week, development of a public and individual transport, expansion of utilities energy consumption of the person decreased by 1,5 - 2 times.

The differentiated vertical boning is a boning at which boners in turn roll different parts of ink on the same suspended way. (the plant is used on Cherkizovsk meat-processing

Then smooth out muscular tissue from the inside of a pelvic bone and cut sinews of a coxofemoral joint. The left hand take a pelvic bone and, cutting muscular tissue from a podvzdoshny bone, separate a pelvic bone.

One worker rolls half carcass with full or partial shaky bones. Beef is served on a site of a strip way of installation on which movement of half carcass with a roller is facetted by clamps. Before a boning of coxofemoral part delete a sacral bone in two ways: the sacral bone is separated together with pelvic with the subsequent division of these bones (a knife, the billhook or a saw); the sacral bone is sawn off a circular saw, taking thus part of a lonny bone (3 — 4 cm). The boning of coxofemoral part is begun with cleaning of inside of a pelvic bone to release the locked opening. Then, clinging a hook for sutural, or vpadinny, a branch of a lonny bone and lifting coxofemoral part, tear off a pelvic bone, as required cutting pulpy fabric.

The rational organization of a workplace, preparation and expedient use of the tool, and so - development of safe working methods have essential impact on growth of labor productivity of boners and trimmers.

For increase in production of meat and meat products the meat-processing enterprises are annually reconstructed and entered. Constantly there is a modernization and equipment of the enterprises of meat branch of agrarian and industrial complex of the country modern processing equipment, the latest equipment, productions are in a complex mechanized and automated. The computer facilities are more and more used. A lot of work on improvement of quality, improvement and enrichment of the range of meat products is carried out.

Natural semi-finished products surpass other types of semi-finished products as make them generally of the most gentle parts of meat ink which are not demanding additional processing in quality (mechanical loosening, processing by fermental preparations). Thanks to removal from meat of bones, sinews and cartilages its nutrition value raises. Natural semi-finished products are characterized by the considerable content of proteins and moderate amount of fat.