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Existence at atom of helium of defect of weight (m = 0,03037.. .) means that at its education energy (E=mc2 = 0,03037 931=28 Me was radiated. This energy needs to be put to a helium atomic nucleus to spread out it to separate particles. Respectively energy, four times smaller is the share of one particle. This energy characterizes durability of a kernel and is its important characteristic. It is called the binding energy falling on one particle or on one nucleon (). For a helium atomic nucleus r=28/4=7 Mev, for other kernels it has other size.

The first paradox received the name of the gravitational. Its essence is that if the Universe is infinite and in it there is an infinite number of celestial bodies, force of a will be infinitely big, and the Universe has to skollapsirovat, but not exist eternally.

Using a communication formula between the weight and energy done by the theory of relativity it is possible to determine the size of energy which corresponds to this weight, and to express it in joules or that is more convenient, in megaelectronvolts (1 Mev=106. 1 Mev corresponds to the energy acquired by the electron which passed a potential difference in one million volts.

If W 0, disintegration of a kernel is energetically forbidden. But in the return process - merge of kernels of X1 and X2 - energy of initial system has to will decrease by size W. Products of synthesis will gain kinetic energy of W.